Big Brother 7 Half Term Report Part Three

Big Brother is coming into the half-way stage so here is a quick round-up of 5 of the remaining 9 established characters and how they truthful in the betting market.

Current Odds: 20/1

Aisleyne was voted into the house next door but will return to the principle compound which can shock the other housemates as they thought they’d got rid of her and her constant singing of hip hop songs that nobody has heard of. Aisleyne is the strongest feminine character however her faux ghetto speak and snapping at the other housemates will see her up for eviction more often than not. The “House Subsequent Door” twist will see Aisleyne “vote out” four of the 5 new housemates, although they are going to really be moved into the primary house and face her when she returns herself. There might be a difficult few weeks in store for the promotions girl and aspiring pop star.

Present Odds: 50/1

Imogen has been a disappointment and her character in the house is only a feminine model of Mikey. Dull, boring and nothing like the real-life serial footballer dater the tabloids would have us consider. Until lately, the one display screen time she loved was when she had tedious conversations in Welsh with fellow compatriot Glyn. For somebody proud to be university educated, Imogen didn’t know what “malice” meant nor “saboteur” before she was chosen to wreck the milk task in order for the housemates to win a luxury meals price range. She handed the task, though all that was required was to let milk pour out of a large vat with none of the other housemates noticing what she was as much as. Yawn.

Present Odds: 66/1

The self-proclaimed “sexual terrorist” is one other dullard who thinks he has an opportunity of successful. Since arguing with Imogen a number of weeks ago he has executed little or no since which sadly additionally seen his nominations by different housemates stop. Come on people, vote him out!

Current Odds: 80/1

Boring. Boring. Boring. Massive Brother made a huge fuss about their “Golden Ticket” campaign during which a “fortunate member of the general public” would get the chance to enter the house. As a substitute, Susie, an ageing glamour model who had applied for Massive Brother a number of instances prior to now was apparently chosen at random to affix the remainder of the housemates. Susie has discovered a role in the house as surrogate mother to little Nikki and lust object for granny fancier Glyn. Oh sure and he or she likes to drink tea. Tons and lots of tea.


Surgically enhanced Lea has found life tough in the house to date and is now giving Nikki a run for her cash on who can shed essentially the most tears. Lea has the hots for Pete, although she denies it and has discovered herself a main goal for Aisleyne who established herself as the alpha female of the home. Lea’s almost unhealthy interest in Pete and fixed crying will see her fellow housemates put her up for eviction soon. And never earlier than time, both.

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